Welcome to Web Pages of this Club. The Club is based in Lancaster, England and members enjoy fellwalking in the National Parks close to the City. The Web pages include information for new members as well as details of the regular walking programmes.
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Lancaster Fellwalkers Flickr Albums Page. The Previous years Photos are now here:- Photos Links Page
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B-Walk Photos

2007/2019 Photos are on the Photos Links Page

6th September 2020, A+ David Braithwaite (Flickr)

6th September 2020, A- Kate Braithwaite (Flickr)

2nd August 2020, A- Janet Settle (Flickr)

2nd August 2020 A David Settle (Flickr)

Langdales Pauline

Coniston Pauline

Crinkle Crags Pauline

Hilda's Lockdown Photos

Christmas Day Walk Pauline

Scrambling on Dow Crag Pauline

Christmas Meal 2019 Pauline

15th March 2020, A- Paddy Haworth (Flickr)

15th March 2020, A+ David Haworth (Flickr)

15th March 2020, A- Kate Haworth (Flickr)

1st March 2020, A Kate Long Preston (Flickr)

1st March 2020, A+ David Long Preston (Flickr)

1st March 2020, A Tracey Long Preston (Flickr)

2nd February 2020, A Tracey Downham (Flickr)

2nd February 2020, A- Kate Downham (Flickr)

2nd February 2020, A+ David Downham (Flickr)

19th January 2020, A Kate Mungrisdale (Flickr)

19th January 2020, A+ David Mungrisdale (Flickr)

5th January 2020, A Kate Kirkby Stephen (Flickr)










2007/2019 Photos are on the Photos Links Page

16th August 2020, Carolyn Sedbergh (Flickr)

6th September 2020, Carolyn Braithwaite (Flickr)

6th September 2020, Judith Braithwaite (Flickr)

16th August 2020, Frank Sedbergh (Flickr)

16th August 2020, Hilda Sedbergh (Flickr)

2nd August 2020, Judith Settle (Flickr)

2nd August 2020, Hilda Settle (Flickr)

2nd August 2020, Frank Settle (Flickr)

15th March 2020, Hilda Haworth (Flicker)

15th March 2020, Judith Haworth (Flickr)

15th March 2020, Frank Haworth (Flickr)

1st March 2020, Judith Long Preston (Flickr)

2nd February 2020, Jennifer Downham (Flickr)

2nd February 2020, Judith Downham (Flickr)

2nd February 2020, Frank Downham (Flickr)

19th January 2020, Judith Mungrisdale (Flickr)

19th January 2020, Hilda Mungrisdale (Flickr)

5th January 2020, Qiandong Kirkby Stephen (Flickr)

5th January 2020, Frank Kirkby Stephen (Flickr)

Margaret Harker, Scattering The Ashes (Flickr)

Margaret Harker, Family Photos (Flickr)

Margaret Harker, Club Photos (Flickr)

25th November 2007 Morris Dancing, Elterwater

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